Group Training


The ultimate in group pilates training. Ideal for beginners right up to advanced thanks to the resistance springs which can be precisely adjusted to suit whatever your level or strength. Re-balances the whole body from tops of fingers to tips of toes. Challenging, dynamic with amazing results!


Reformer and spin mix. A complete body, heart and soul workout. Amazing! COMING SOON


A challenging workout with particular effect on flattening abdominals and decompressing lower spine and releasing lower back ache. The mat is a good place to stretch away tight and tense upper back and shoulder muscles.

Bootcamp Pilates

A fat-burning cardio full-body workout incorporating mat pilates to work your core. Must have prior pilates experience and no injuries.


A dynamic and upbeat class using the barre and the reformer. It’s a great way to tone your legs, hips and glutes. Originating from ballet, it has a dance vibe so gets your heart beating faster too!