Last year, we introduced weight training to The Pilates Rooms. Many of you have tried it and loved it. However with more research and experience, I have found heavy weights can overstrain the lower back and now, I believe weights should be used as an addition to other disciplines and techniques, rather than a stand alone technique.

We would like to introduce the slightly modified technique of strength training. Strength training has all the benefits of weight training with none of the risks of injury. Our sessions work with each client differently to strengthen the body to support you in your daily tasks. After all, who needs a sore back or achey muscles to get through the day?

Strength training improves muscle tone, producing long lean muscles (not bulking!), improves bone density and weight loss. It facilitates healthy ageing by making the heart thicker and more effective to pump blood around the body. It also reduces inflammation which helps stave off chronic disease.

In our sessions we will use body weight moves, free weights, the functional trainer as well as cardio boxing moves to raise the heart rate, burn calories and vent stress. Get ready to feel empowered!